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Nick L.

"Eric at MLS Mortgage Group helped make buying our first home possible. Eric was transparent and realistic about our loan opportunities and coached us through the application phase. Eric is an effective communicator and kept us well-informed at each step during the process and didn't mind answering lots of questions along the way. We highly recommend Eric and MLS Mortgage Group."

Chuck H.

"Need a loan? I recommend talking with Eric! The guy is tireless, and he works for you not against you. As you run into barriers getting pre-qualified, which happened to us. Eric methodically and with lots of patience, takes them down. By explaining what's going on, and looking for ways to make it work, Eric really sets himself apart. He and his team were a real pleasure to work with. Thanks to his hard work and tenacity, we closed on our house last month! We couldn't be happier with the service and dedication Eric showed us. We really appreciate him helping us buy our house! Now if he could only do something about the weather (too much snow). If you are looking for a mortgage broker, you should give Eric a call!"

Brandon H.

"I found Eric and his team when I was searching for an convenient, fairly priced mortgage broker in the state of Minnesota. Eric was very easy to work with and very quick with communication. I am very happy that we were able to find Eric and would work with him again!"

Samuel R.

"Eric did an amazing job working with my wife and I throughout the whole loan process. He explained everything clearly (first time homebuyers), helped us get a low rate, and freely gave us advice. Highly recommend working with MLS."

Dave W.

"Hands down, the best loan offer I have worked with. They helped me obtain a VA loan. Everything went perfect. Eric answers his phone and email within an hour every time I had a question or needed something from him. Low rates. Low fees. Fast turn time. Very responsive. What else is there to say? He will be getting my business, along with all of my friends and family in the future."

Joseph G.

"I have moved quite a few times over the last fifteen years, and have worked with a number of different mortgage companies to finance my home purchases as a result. Recently, a home that I had admired for years became available for sale, and I found myself in the market once again for a mortgage lender. My wife found an ad for MLS Mortgage, and told me that their reviews were outstanding. I decided to give MLS a try, and it turned out to be the best lending experience I have ever had. I worked with Eric during the loan process, and I couldn't be happier with the level of service that he gave me. Eric is not only extremely knowledgeable in the lending field, but he also really cares about customer service. I'm sure he works with a number of customers at a time, but I truly felt like I was his only customer. Eric made himself available every time I called him with a question, and responded to the questions I sent by email almost immediately, without fail. The loan process couldn't have gone any better. I hope never to move again, but if I do, my first call would be to Eric. I would highly recommend Eric and MLS Mortgage to anyone!"

Patrick M.

"Working with MLS was a great experience. I was able to get in contact with Eric anytime I had questions, he was always able to answer them in a way I could understand. I had some extenuating circumstances while I was applying for my loan and Eric was able to work with me. More importantly Eric was there to help me succeed in my new purchase of a house! Eric was a fantastic resource while I was applying for my VA Loan. I still contact Eric for questions I have, even after I closed on my house"

Jeff H.

"Eric recently helped me purchase my first home, and he was amazing to work with. He was very responsive (usually within an hour or two) to the many questions I had throughout the process. I'm a numbers person professionally, and even I was mildly overwhelmed by the complicated realm of fees, prepaids, escrows, etc., but Eric helped put my concerns at ease. He was kind enough to help me reconcile numbers as they evolved from estimates into final figures, and he went to bat for me with the lender for several days to bring my "cash to close" down as much as possible. I will definitely use his services for the next property I buy. "

Jordan M.

"If you're looking for a company to get you financing for your new home purchase, this is the place to have help you. At MLS Mortgage Group, Eric personally takes the time to always go that extra mile so you not only get into that new home, but also make that experience much less daunting! It really can be stressful, but Eric really makes the process go very smoothly. Thanks for going the extra mile!"

Mike S.

"Eric provided the absolute best customer service. My sister is moving to the area within the next six months and I will be referring her to MLS Mortgage Group. Great job Eric and Team!"

Todd T.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shel years ago when selling our previous home and buying our current home. She is very attentive, knowledgeable and caring. I have had the new pleasure of working with Shel and her husband Eric where they are sending me land for sale updates. My husband and I are looking forward to purchasing some land and building. I would go no where else than with Shel and Eric. They are wonderful down to earth people that I have been blessed with. I give them my highest recommendations!!"

John K.

"Eric offers top notch service, helping find the best option for your new home financing and doesn't gouge you high fees."

Nicole M.

"I initially contacted Eric over a year ago for a HARP refinance; my personal financial situation was difficult, but he was willing to try, Market conditions were complicating it further and he generously allowed me to try other routes to getting my loan fixed, yet stayed in touch with truthful assessments of what he could do. After being jerked around by a couple other entities, I went back to Eric, and he then found a lender who could do what we needed. Then the refinance was promptly processed and we closed in good time, House Mortgage is the place to go for professional, honest and efficient service."

Dave J.

"Shel was very helpful and patient. She took the time to explain what I needed, being that this was my first home buying expierience."

Chris G.

"I have worked with the MLS mortgage group on several occasions. Eric and Shel are great. If they weren't they would not be getting my business on a repeat basis. Their rates always seem to be the best in the market place and their fees are competitive with other service providers. They are always available to answer calls or get back to me in a quick fashion when I leave a message. If there is a problem they are on top of it and make sure they do their research to get any problems corrected. If they don't know the answer they tell you they don't know, and then do the research to get the information that is needed to answer the question. If I was looking to get another loan in the near future they are the first ones I would call. If anyone asks me for a recommendation for a loan the MLS Mortgage Group is at the top of my list. It is my experience they are great with first time home buyers as well with refinances and difficult or challenging loan options."

Aaron S.

"Eric House was fantastic to work with. He answered all my questions and made what could have been a very nerve racking process easy and painless."

Thomas M.

"When you choose to work with Shel and Eric at Shel House, the contact for "MLS Mortgage Group" through Zillow, you are opting in for some of the highest quality mortgage brokerage service available in the Minn,MN area. Shel took my first phone call; she was always quite professional as she answered my many, many detailed questions in a very knowledgeable manner. Her warm conversational style made me feel so relaxed the whole time we spoke, almost as if no question could ever be too much for her to respond to in detail for me as her customer. I never got the feeling that she was in a hurry or didn't want to talk about my financial situation any longer. This was extremely important to me, as I had spoken to other larger mortgage brokers besides Shel House, the contact for MLS Mortgage Group through Zillow in the past & they had very impolitely shunned me off as quickly as they could, once they heard that my purchase was not going to be over 500,000.00. The next day I spoke in even more detail with Eric, who very courteously walked me through the process of exploring a multitude of options together. Eric is very dedicated to his customers, as in my particular case, this took hours working directly with me, in order for him to try to find the best possible deal in the mortgage market for me. I felt that he thoroughly understood my complete financial situation, as he went on to search for the absolute very best mortgage deal for me. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Shel & Eric of Shel House, the contact for MLS Mortgage Group through Zillow to any buyer who wants excellent service, coupled with very professional financial mortgage business practices. This firm is the very BEST for excellent communication & the highest quality service !!!"

Brandon H.

"I found Eric and his team when I was searching for an convenient, fairly priced mortgage broker in the state of Minnesota. Eric was very easy to work with and very quick with communication. I am very happy that we were able to find Eric and would work with him again!"


"3-Key Points to finding a great Mortgage Broker Having had a long career dealing with finances, I have worked with many mortgage brokers/bankers in my time. Too many of them were only interested in how much money they could make on a deal, and usually at the expense of their very own client. I am new to MN and urgently looking for money for an associate of mine so naturally I checked out Google and came across a ton of listings. Most of them had barely a 3-Star rating in reviews and they were closed at the time of my call (current local time is 6:03PM) except one. MLS Mortgage Group. Not only was MLS Mortgage Group sill open, I got to speak with Eric, who has been receiving great reviews from his obviously satisfied clients. I had to ask him about his reviews because I was so impressed what folks had to say about him and I was about to discover first hand. For the record… I have never met Eric in my life and wouldn’t know him from a can of paint. I only contacted him because he was given great reviews by average folks like you and me. I can tell you, if he runs his business as he handled my questions and conversation? He deserves a 6-Star rating. My conversation with Eric reminded me of the good old days and I wanted to share 3 key points I always looked for when hiring a mortgage broker/banker… or any service oriented individual • Honesty about their product, the market and how they make money • Available beyond normal working hours • Not pushy to make a sale Eric could have easily made a quick sale with me, because I need to get money for my business associate, like yesterday. Instead, he gave me his professional opinion that didn’t include him making a single penny from me PLUS, it was great advice that will benefit my associate in the end. THAT’S INTEGRITY BOY’S AND GIRLS. Thanks for the great advice Eric and hopefully one day I may need your services. Good luck with your business."

Chris V.

"All I can say is that Shel was extremely patient and helpful when it came to understanding my mortgage, financing and closing the deal. Any time I had a question or needed some help - she responded quickly and always followed up. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, personable and who can make you feel at ease regarding something that can be so complicated, Shel is the one."

Matthew F.

"Great team to work with, very responsive and patient when explaining the processes and options."

Greg B.

"Shel closed the loan on my house 5 years ago. Since then she has been helpful and always looking for my best interest. She is always willing to share her wisdom and experience to help us with our current questions."

Lori M.

"Eric at MLS Mortgage did an amazing job helping me with my mortgage as a first time homebuyer! And on top of it, I was closing in less than a month and he got everything done and finished in 3 weeks! If I had any questions he was available by phone or email and if I had to leave a message he got back to me in a timely fashion. He's experienced and knowledgeable which is what you want when buying a house. Great job!"


"Had a great experience with MLS ! If you want everything to go smoothly I highly recommend Eric and Shel to get the job done!"

Patrick M.

"Working with MLS was a great experience. I was able to get in contact with Eric anytime I had questions, he was always able to answer them in a way I could understand. I had some extenuating circumstances while I was applying for my loan and Eric was able to work with me. More importantly Eric was there to help me succeed in my new purchase of a house! I still contact Eric for questions I have, even after I closed on my house."

Wendy Y.

"eric was very thorough with us and he was very helpful. one of my pet peeves is lack of communication, but eric was always on top of things and always got back to me asap, and always updated me. he was always available to answer any of my questions. i would recommend eric to others and definitely will work with him again."

Nicole M.

"I was a difficult case, but Eric got my HARP refinance done when others could not or would not. I was badly underwater, stuck in an interest only loan, had private mortgage insurance and the company that had my loan would only pretend to consider options. At first it was hard to find a new lender, and Eric generously allowed me to explore other options like NACA, but none of them were able to deliver. Eric kept in touch and was always truthful and realistic. Then we were finally able to find a lender who would do what we needed, and after that the refi proceeded quickly and efficiently to closing. Don't bother with the other guys, Team House is honest, knowledgeable, and professional."

Rachel M.

"We really appreciated Eric's availability, his willing to talk to us and give us advice at all hours - that meant a lot to us, especially as first time home buyers."

Troy E.

"Amazing interest rate on home mortgage."

Kurt P.

"The MLS Mortgage Group comes with my highest recommendation. Not only were they excellent in working through financing options for my home, but were great to consult with over the multiple different options. I felt that their input always had my best interest in mind."

Rossi F.

"When I bought my first home, Shel helped me finance it. I had lots of questions that she was quick to respond to. Since her company is a broker, she shopped around with different lenders for the best rate and found me the best program for my situation. When rates dropped, I refinanced with her and even though my credit was not perfect at the time, I still got a great rate."

Jessica M.

"Working with MLS morgage group was a wonderful experience. Eric was so accommodating and helpful. There were times we would need to call late at night and he always answered or got back to us with in an hour. He went above and beyond what we expected. Eric also worked hard to make sure that things were running smoothly in the loan process. I would definitely recommend him to friend and family who are looking to buy a home."

Tracey C.

"STELLAR! Eric was very patient and professional through the entire process. He exceeded every expectation I had. Without hesitation, I highly recommend MLS Mortgage."

These are the MLS Mortgage Group Mortgage Broker Reviews from our past clients. Questions? Feel free to contact us!

MLS Mortgage Group - Mortgage Broker Reviews
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