Meet Shel House

The faces behind Mortgage Broker, MLS Mortgage Group, is Eric and Shel House, a husband and wife team that live where they work – in the heart of their hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their business is based out of NE Minneapolis, where the community is fantastic and there are amazing, fun happenings on a regular basis. They’ve recently moved to a fixer-upper to get closer to the lakes – they figured if they live in the Land of 10,000(+) Lakes, they better take some time to enjoy them!

They serve people that are looking for financing for their home (or investment property – they have a couple ourselves). They give them the tools to make informed decisions, by providing their clients options and striving to simplify the ever-complicating mortgage process.

Between Eric and Shel, they have over 26 years of combined experience and are looking forward to the day that their dual combined experience surpasses their individual ages. They’ve specialized in home purchases since Shel founded the company. But, they are still happy to help their clients that are hoping to save some green by (or another ambitious reason for) refinancing.

Due to their specialization in the home purchase business, their competitive pricing, as well as their ethical commitment to put clients first; they receive many recommendations from top-producing REALTORS® and other industry professionals (as well as their clients’ beloved friends and family) in the Twin Cities area. They love what they do and it shows.

When they’re not originating home loans and creating educational material for borrowers and industry professionals, they can be found year-round, enjoying their family time. Their family time includes exploring Minnesota, biking, games, Legos, reading, gardening, and cooking together.

Chevy chasing bubbles

Chevy chasing bubbles

Improving their home (and Investment Properties) is a regular D-I-Y endeavor (with some outside help every once-in-a-while) that they enjoy together, involving their kids as much as possible. During the school year, Shel can be found volunteering at their children’s school. During the summer, they like to be out on the lake spending time with their kids (and they bring their rescued Black Lab/Whippet mix out with them also.

Chevy Swimming

Chevy Swimming

They haven’t taken their two rescued cats out there, yet…).

Rescued Kittens from

Steelie and Marble

Whether it be swimming, taking pictures, enjoying the view (We love our state bird, the loon!), fishing, or just plain “boating” as our youngest calls it – it’s easy to find something to do out on the lake.

If you want to know more, here are 4 things you may not know about Shel…

  1. Shel wants to capture the moment of what she enjoys in life and has thousands (tens of? She’s afraid to count…) of pictures to attest to that.
  2. She spends many hours each week preparing meals for the family.Eggplant and Tomatillos
  3. Shel has an accidental orchid collection. While she’s always enjoyed orchids, plants, and gardening – it’s just from recent generosity that she’s increased her orchid collection to 15+ Phalaenopsis amabilis (Moth Orchid) and her first non-Phal orchid, a Paphipedilum. Due to their air-cleaning qualities, she also collects Sansevieria trifasciata (aka Snake Plants), around 10 different ones. Okay. She admits it. She collects plants in general, currently around 50 inside the house. She would like to grow her outside gardening/landscape collection.  2015-07-10 14.02.29 2015-07-10 14.00.25 2015-06-23 10.11.45
  4. We were married the same year our company was founded, in 2004.Eric and Shel Wedding