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We're happy to help anyone obtain a same-day mortgage pre-approval online, by phone, or in-person - that would like to finance a home in Minnesota.

What is needed for a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Besides completing a mortgage application, lenders will also want supporting documentation to verify the information listed in your application. Mortgage lenders generally verify this information with:

  • 1 Month Pay-stubs (Minimum of 30 days, with Year-to-Date totals on them)
  • 2 Years W2s (Most recent)
  • 3 Months Asset Statements (Bank, Retirement, etc.)

Tax returns may also be required if:

  • Tips, bonuses, or commissions are a part of your income
  • You are self-employed and/or
  • You own investment properties

Other information may be required depending on your situation. Supporting documentation may be submitted through traditional methods (meeting, mail, email, fax, or upload).

Alternatively, you can complete a different application that allows you to verify much of your same-day mortgage pre-approval online information electronically, without gathering as much documents. Please use this online mortgage application option.

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Free of obligation. Free of hassle! Apply for a mortgage with MLS Mortgage Group. We strive to make the application process easy. There are several options below. Simply fill out our secure online application and upon completion, we'll submit it for a same-day mortgage pre-approval.

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How to Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Approval - The Step-by-Step Guide