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Happy Veterans Day – Honoring all Veterans

Today, we honor all Veterans, for protecting us, our rights, our lives, and our freedom. Those that served in the past, those serving us now, and future Veterans that continue to protect our Freedom. We are thankful to live in a country that we have been given certain rights. Unfortunately, many of those rights did, and continue to, come at a price. With that price it seems odd to say “Happy” Veterans Day. Yet, we are happy to have our Veterans, and we’re happy to have our freedom. Veterans are our every-day heroes. People with the courage to risk death for their beliefs – our beliefs. People with the strength to do what is necessary to protect our country. To keep us safe. Thank you Veterans, for allowing us to have ‘first-world problems’.

One problem that isn’t first-world, but relates to every being, is a place to call home. Today, we received a call from a Veteran that wants to purchase his first home. He wants to take advantage of one of his largest VA Benefits, the VA Home Loan. He’s been busy with life and busy with work. Today, on this National Holiday, we were happy to take his call. While we are taking time to reflect and honor Veterans; we’re also making ourselves available, to help Veterans ease their worries, by being available to talk to someone today. We are thankful that we can do something to help Veterans today. Today, we helped a Veteran takes the first steps towards his first home purchase.

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