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House Hack – How To Live Rent Free and Become Rich – New Class

House Hack

How to Live Rent Free on Your Terms

Hack your way into Home-Ownership and Financial Freedom with this new online House Hack Class.

House Hacks Class Description: “Your home is said to be your biggest investment. In reality housing is likely your biggest expense. House Hacks will explore ways to “Hack” your current home or buy a new home to make it pay for itself. We will discuss how to take in and manage paying renters, covert space to Air bnb , alternative dwelling units, duplex ownership , vacation rentals , and college rental homes .

This class is now being held online through Zoom, an interactive videoconferencing platform. You can choose to enable your camera and audio, or just view the live content. There will be time to socialize with fellow students and the instructor if you choose to, before and after each session. More information will be sent after you enroll.

Instructor: Chris Gemlo

Chris Gemlo is a dynamic experienced speaker for adult education for over 19 years. He is a licensed real estate broker who was recently selected as one of the 100 most influential real estate agents in MN and is also a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. He has been a leader in the real estate community for over 20 years in both sales and property management. His background in teaching, home construction, finance, property management, negotiation and real estate gives him all the tools to answer your questions.”

Hack your way the fastest way into the most common multi-family homes including:

  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Fourplex

Live for free and build equity – find out how to get a renter and pay-off mortgage early with these house hacks – get started on your financial freedom by registering for the online house hack class.

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