Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector during your Home Inspection

6 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector during Home Inspection

6 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

During Your Home Inspection

by Guest Author – Kris Lindahl

Getting a home inspection is very important. It can protect you from purchasing a home that has a lot of problems, or that costs more than it should, based on its issues. Sometimes home inspectors miss things, but they generally see much more than untrained individuals. They can also give you a lot of information about the house. That’s why you should always ask feel comfortable asking questions. The more you understand about a home purchase, the more likely it will be that the purchase is a good one. Feel confident making the purchase with proper knowledge instead of guesswork.

Here are six questions to ask your home inspector during your home inspection:

Question 1: ‘Is This a Problem or Is it Normal?’

Sometimes residential inspectors will make note of something, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a problem. Make sure you ask about any notes the home inspector makes. By doing so, you’re clear on whether there are problems with the home, or if the cause is normal aging. Depending on the age of the house, there could be outdated systems and construction methods that are still perfectly safe. These may not need to be changed, unless you want to do that at a later date.

Question 2. ‘Why Should I Worry/Care About This?’

When the residential inspector points out a problem, make sure to find out why it matters. It’s not enough to know the inspector thinks there’s an issue. Since you are the one that will be living there, you should know why there are problems, and what those issues ultimately mean. Understanding the importance of home inspections will result in better decision making.

Question 3. ‘What is the Typical Repair Cost for This Issue?’

House inspectors aren’t contractors. However, those that have experience generally have a rough idea of whether a problem is a seriously expensive issue or not. With that in mind, getting an idea of what something might cost can help you make good choices. It never hurts to talk to a contractor, either, but the real estate inspector is a good starting point.

Question 4. ‘Is This Cosmetic or Is It a Danger?’

Even problems with a home that look serious can be mostly cosmetic. Be sure to talk with your house inspector. Ask whether the issue is really something dangerous. In some cases it will be obvious, but that’s certainly not true of everything an inspector finds or notices. The more questions asked about a problem to find out if it’s dangerous, the safer you will be.

Question 5. ‘What is the Standard, Useful Life of This System or Component?’

How long systems and components last matter. While it’s not a problem, necessarily, it could mean extra expense for anyone who buys the home if many of the systems are reaching the end of their useful lifespan. Heating and air conditioning, roofing, and many other parts of a house can wear out. Be sure to talk with the inspector about which of these items may need repair or replacement soon.

6 questions to ask your home inspector, Question #6:

‘Would You Buy This House?’

This is a tricky question, because it’s one that’s subjective. Some home inspectors aren’t comfortable answering that question. If you have a good discussion with a home inspector while they are looking over the home, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the answer to this question before you ask it. Some inspectors will answer and some won’t, but it’s worth asking the question. All in all, the decision to buy a home is yours alone, so use your home inspection to gauge whether or not the house you want is suited to your needs.

Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector - Home Inspection


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  1. It’s great that you listed the questions I must ask during the home inspection. I’ve been thinking of buying a property for my mom on her 60th birthday, which is why I want to make sure that there are no issues with the house. When the inspector points out a problem, I’ll make sure to ask if it is really something dangerous or can be prevented before purchasing.

    • That’s so sweet of you to buy a property for your mother, and that you’re aware enough to make sure there aren’t preventable issues.

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