15 Year Mortgage Rates

REALTOR ® asks for 15 Year Mortgage Rates

REALTOR ® asks 15 Mortgage Lenders for 15 Year Mortgage Rates – Here’s what happened: I have to admit, we don’t go around calling other mortgage brokers to check their rates. That would be awkward. ‘Uh, hi, we’re another Mortgage Broker and I was just wondering how we compare to your mortgage rates.’ It just doesn’t happen. […]

15 Year Mortgage Rates Challenge Rules

15 Year Mortgage Challenge – The Rules

15 Year Mortgage Challenge – The Rules With Mortgage Rates as low as they are, we thought it would be a good time to create a 15 Year Mortgage Challenge. Would you be able to slash at least 5 off your loan term by refinancing to a 15? Here are the rules: Monthly payment must be the […]

Personalized Current Mortgage Rates Today

What are Current Mortgage Rates?

Current Mortgage Rates Current Mortgage Rates and APR’s updated daily for MLS Mortgage Group, Credit Unions, and Bank Averages. Compare Mortgage Rates: Daily Mortgage Rates Today – U.S. Average APRs* for Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Daily Rate Comparison MLS Mortgage Group Credit Unions Bank Average 15 Year Fixed Conforming 2.49% 2.83% 2.84% 30 Year Fixed […]