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Tax Day 2018 – Ready or Not…

Tax Day 2018

Tax Day, love it or strongly dislike it, here it comes. This year, we have a few extra days to file, with a tax deadline of April 17, 2018 instead of the normal last day to file taxes of 4/15. Do you have to pay this year? If so, did you budget appropriately for that? Are you getting a refund this year? If so, what are you doing with your refund? Paying off debt? Using it as a down payment for a new home? In 2017, homes can still help with deductions – calculate your approximate mortgage interest tax deduction. Purchasing an Investment Property?

Filing isn’t only about paying in or getting a refund. If you’re self-employed, being approved (or not) for a mortgage highly depends on how much income you showed. Tax Day 2018 could mean the difference refinancing or purchasing a new home. Is now the right time for you to receive a mortgage pre-approval?

70% of Taxpayers Qualify for Free File

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